Our vision is to successfully provide our investors with consistent monthly returns on their investments.

Why Trust SafeGuard Capital?

SafeGuard Capital uses an experienced team, with diverse backgrounds to manage your risks with confidence utilizing a variety of knowledge from industry professionals. Specializing in mortgage lending, our team has a direct, in-house partnership with real estate advisors, financial advisors, and economic analyst creating a diverse perspective on your investment and its associated risk. This relationship provides an added layer of assessment for your investment, giving you, the client the confidence in earning returns on secure investments.

Experience the Difference

As industry pioneers in real estate, investment, and financing SafeGuard’s extensive network and collective partnership enable our team to earn our investors higher returns while minimizing risk. SafeGuard strategically assess every opportunity beyond the surface level, ensuring its integrity, return potential and level of risk. Each investment is assessed individually offering the associated risks and recommendations in order to ensure the right decision is made.

Lending Program

Increasing financing scrutiny and regulations have positioned SafeGuard Capital with a market opportunity allowing for potential applicants to secure lending on their asset with a greater emphasis on their asset value and the equity it holds. SafeGuard Capital’s lending process allows for equity-based loans with a capped Loan-To-Value ratio mitigating risks for investors while enabling applicants the ability to receive funding that is affordable, safe and secure. Experience has shown that applicants with higher equity in their home are less likely to default on loans ensuring a minimized risk for lenders and investors.

Our Partners

  • Philip Vettese

    Managing Partner

    As the managing partner at Safeguard Capital Philip is the eyes and ears for all present and future...

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  • Garry Rai


    With over 20 years in real estate, Garry is a pioneer in evaluations and ensuring the correct investment...

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  • John Mangat


    With an unparalleled breadth of knowledge in the financial sector, John ensures that your investment...

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  • JC Sehmbi


    JC knowledge of mortgages and financing enables Safeguard to make the right decision everytime

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Our Core Values

Strategic Planning

We consider more than the present. Future economic, banking and real estate changes are analyzed and projected on all projects.

Managed Risk

Every opportunity is vetted through our multi-step process to ensure it’s integrity and quality

Quality Services

We only partner with reputable and trusted businesses. No backdoor deals. No handshake agreements.

Continuous Improvements

Innovation is the driving force in any business, investments shouldn’t be any different. We are continuously improving our processes to ensure that your investments are in safe hands.


The future is bliss! We analyze your investment needs and craft a plan with that in mind, whether 12 months or 60 months, we plan for the future!

Operational Excellence

You’re not just another investor, so you shouldn’t be treated like one. Every project is assigned to a partner, where you will receive the one-on-one service we pride ourselves on!

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